New Star - The Fringe (UK) / Junkstone - Three ways to do a song

The first song ever recording by The Fringe (UK 1990s) was New Star, recorded at The Fortress studios in Farringdon, London, on tape!

it was a short song with a repetitive guitar note for an intro. After line up changes and relocation to their own studio The Fringe re-recorded it with an added verse. Then, a few years later after The Fringe finished,  three members of The Fringe became Junkstone, and they recorded it again. 

Three versions of the same song may sound good to fans of cover versions and a waste of time and resources to others, but it is interesting to hear the progression of the band as they honed their craft.

Simon Roberts
The Synthetic Sound

The Synthetic Sound is Martin Elmore, a keyboard player and producer from the UK along with the odd guest, such as Catherine Turner adding a vocal to a track, or Dave Lewis-Lloyd laying down some killer cello lines, yes, cello. 

After his time playing keyboards and harmonica in a couple of bands in mid 90s London came to an end, Martin Elmore dusted off some synths and drum machines and pushed ahead with an album of sweeping strings, beats and harmonies and adopted the name The Synthetic Sound.

The Album Digital Hiss by The Synthetic Sound is available to buy on iTunes and stream on Apple Music and all good music services.

Flip Flop Crew - I'm Not Hip For Hoxton (UK 2004)
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While waiting for some recordings from past members of The Fringe (UK 90s) for a new episode, I dug up a demo recorded by me and another one of them; unfinished but it's amusing and I like the irritated at hipsters angle. I think many people growing up go through a hipster phase, whatever their tribe. 

If you want to send a note of encouragement to the man I need some audio from, feel free to hit up @PaulVanOestren on Twitter and say "hey man, Dusty Tunes is a cool podcast, shame they can't do a proper episode on The Fringe, please can you send some audio through so it can get finished, thank you"

Hello, My name is Simon and this is Dusty Tunes
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The gist of this episode is:

Hello my name is Simon, I grew up listening to a lot of Guns N' Roses, and a lot of other artists. Later I was in some bands. You can contact Dusty Tunes on Twitter at the moment @DustytunesPod is the handle. Then a song called Reach Out by The Fringe(UK)

Simon Roberts